Healthy Jar | Gallery
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Kiwi Parfait with Cold Pressed Green Juice
Banana minion combo (oatmeal cookies & fruits with yoghurt)
Strawberry Greenapple Parfait
Blueberry Sweetcorn Parfait selling in cafes
Watermelon lychee parfait and cinnamon rose bud tea
Hellokitty campaign with special edition hellokitty straw!
Blueberry oatmeal pancake
Parfait in Cafe style
Glory mango parfait with cold pressed orange carrot juice
Version 1.0 retail parfait
Sweet potato and roasted almond overnight rolled oat
Christmas edition cranberry oatmeal cookies mix
PB Nana overnight rolled oat
Berry berry oatmeal and strawberry yoghurt smoothie
Our #healthygeek gathering
Sweetcorn blueberry parfait
#healthygeek mini gathering and parfait party
Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal cookies in a jar
Winner of our Banana Minion campaign
Another happy custsomer